7 undeniably good tips to help you succeed on finals week

My, how this semester has flown by, and now finals week is upon us! There is more to acing your finals than just studying hard; you have to balance your life’s demands with your challenging scholastic week. Follow this guide to make sure you are taking good care of yourself mentally, physically, and socially during finals week.

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute
    Don’t procrastinate your studies! One of the hardest things about finals week is how many tests you have so close together. Waiting until the last minute to study won’t give you the time you need. Besides, a time crunch is a recipe for unnecessary stress. Instead, make the most out of your time by starting early each day and multi-tasking throughout the day. Start reviewing your notes over breakfast or quiz yourself on your terms while you walk from place to place.

  2. Handwrite your notes or flash cards
    If you don’t know where to start, try handwriting your notes. You can do this long-form or onto note cards. Writing things down help you develop your long-term memory and will help you stay focused! You can also record yourself reading out your notes and listening to them while you are driving!
  3. Study at your campus libraries
    Studying at the dorm may become distracting. Instead, try your campus library for your ideal spot for exam week studies. It’s quiet, on campus, full of other focused students, and there is often a coffee shop there or nearby to give you a must-needed jolt! Most campuses offer extended library hours during exam week for you to take advantage of!
    Avoid the temptation of pulling an all-nighter. Your brain needs sleep to function. It doesn’t matter how many times you went over your notes if you fall asleep in the middle of the test! Sleep is essential for memory to function. Instead of using all that determination to stay up through the night, use it to get started earlier in the day!
  5. Eat!
    Similar to rest, you need brain food! An empty tummy is distracting. You won’t be able to concentrate if your blood sugar drops, so plan ahead by packing healthy snacks and take them with you to your favorite study spot. Anything filling and full of protein should keep you rolling! And remember, you can’t function on Red Bull and class notes alone. If money is tight, please talk with your College Completion Coach about the free food pantry located on your campus or in your community.
  6. Reset by taking brief study breaks
    While it is important to make the most of your available study time, don’t forget to include some short breaks! Go on a short walk, stretch your legs, and take deep breaths. Give your eyes a rest for a few minutes. Trust us, pacing yourself will give you the stamina you need to get through the week.
  7. Work with friends
    Grab a few pals and head to the library together. The inherent quiet of the building will keep you from distracting each other, plus having a friend there to compare notes with or take a break with can help you make the most of your finals cram sessions. A few laughs can lighten the load along the way; just make sure you are keeping your eyes on the prize!

Remember, there are only a few tests between you and winter break. You can do this!

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