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"My motivation was to become a role model and to build a good foundation
for myself. To go to college, and get out of my neighborhood." Johnny Atwell

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If you’re ready to take control of your future, Take Stock in Children can help by providing you with the motivation, support, and academic assistance you need in order to achieve success.  This rewarding opportunity provides the promise of a college scholarship, a caring mentor committed to the development of your gifts, and continuous involvement from skilled student advocates who engage in educational /career counseling.  Because we are a grass-roots operation under the direction of local school systems, we are able to deliver an immensely personal program to students like you, who are seeking a better life.

Not only is the TSIC program innovative and transformative, it is rigorous as well. We want to see our students succeed, which means we have high expectations and demand accountability among all participants.  Therefore, each student is required to sign a contract promising to abide by the program’s rules in order to attain a fully paid college tuition scholarship. To receive the scholarship, you will be expected to:

  • Stay in school
  • Maintain good grades
  • Attend regular mentor-mentee meetings once per week
  • Stay drug and crime free
  • Exhibit good citizenship

The intent of obtaining the scholarship is a long-term goal that is achieved through years of hard work. Years that are filled with building meaningful relationships with others who deeply care about your success, and helping you reach your full potential. During the weekly sessions with your mentor, you will set goals, build positive values, and develop academic skills to help you excel in your schoolwork.

As you transition through your high school years, you will have the opportunity to participate in a college readiness curriculum that will help prepare you for the ACT and SAT exams.  TSIC Success Coaches are available to provide workshops that will get you college ready, take you on college tours to view life on campus, and assist you with the college application process when you’re ready.

TSIC believes all young people should have access to post-secondary opportunities. Why shouldn’t you? Now is the perfect time to take a hold of your future and choose your own path - the path to success. 


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