Celebrating Accomplishments

Whether this is your first year in school or your last, I think we can all agree this semester was unusual. It’s not every day that your campus shuts down, your dorm closes, and all your classes are suddenly online. Couple that with the uncertainty of a global pandemic, sheltering at home, and an economic downturn and you have the makings for one of the most stressful semesters to date.

But you did it. Did you hear me? YOU DID IT!

You finished the semester despite all the sudden changes. It is important that you take a few minutes to celebrate you! What are we celebrating, you might ask?  It depends on you!  You may be…

  • Celebrate finishing the semester strong
  • Celebrate graduating
  • Celebrate perseverance
  • Celebrate responsibility
  • Celebrate adaptability

You had to master many skills just to finish this semester: time management, organization, prioritizing your time between family responsibilities and academic necessities, and more. Heck, you are probably learned about a bunch of new tech tools to navigate the pandemic moment—Zoom classes and Instacart groceries, anyone?

The point is, you adapted. You dug deep and found a way to make it work. This determination is one of the best qualities a person can learn to succeed in life. We are so proud of you! Take a moment to reflect on how much you were able to accomplish during such an unpredictable time and pat yourself on the back. YOU DID IT! And as always, we at Take Stock in College are here for you for whatever’s next.