Life & Career Skills

When you close the textbook and leave the classroom, your higher education doesn’t end. In fact, you learn some of the most valuable life lessons after the college lecture is over. After graduation, no one will be observing you to make sure you complete your assignments, eat healthily, and get enough sleep. All your wins and losses are entirely your responsibility because you are on your own. Although you may find it frightening at first, there are many important life skills that you can master in college that will help you when you go from college to career. 

  1. Handle Money like an Adult 

From student loans to credit cards to just ordering takeout pizza, college shifts a lot more fiscal responsibility onto your shoulders. This will likely be your first extended period on your own without a parent guiding you on how to spend wisely. Learning to budget, prioritize your spending, and build savings are fundamental to a successful financial life both during and after college.  

  1. Hone your Time Management Skills 

Just like money, your time is a limited resource that you must prudently manage while in college.  During this time it’s important to develop the ability to set priorities—those things you must do over the things you want to do—all while resisting peer pressure to “just skip that class” or “finish the homework tomorrow.” Recall that classes in college are far more difficult than those in high school. You will need to study harder and for a lot longer. 

  1. Practice Effective Communication 

Effective communication—your ability to listen, interpret what is being said, and articulate a thoughtful reply—is critical to success in college, career, and beyond. While many people talk, far too few actually communicate. Practice active listening by repeating what someone said in your own words. This exercise will help you listen for understanding and demonstrate you are fully engaged in the conversation.   

  1. Get the Support you need! 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the transition from college to career? Remain calm. Numerous resources are available at your college or university to help prepare you for this exciting time. Colleges want you to succeed, so if you are experiencing anxiety about what’s next, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. 

As you continue your career journey, you do not have to be afraid of the life you are creating. Rather, continue reflecting and determining the aspects of your life you want to develop and alter. You will not only survive but also thrive as you focus on the life you are building.