National College Application Month: Tips for Success 

National College Application Month, celebrated each fall, is an opportunity to increase college access and awareness among all students, particularly those who may feel a postsecondary education is out of reach.  

During National College Application Month, the Take Stock network hosts activities to support students in the college application process, including college exploration sessions, application workshops, and financial aid information sessions. The college application process is more accessible and less daunting for all students, regardless of their background or circumstances, when supported by a network focused on their success. 

It’s never too early to start the college exploration process. Success in college is not only dependent on academics but also on finding and flourishing in the right environment. Students should make a list of colleges that match their academic, social, and financial needs. Attending virtual or in-person campus tours, talking to current students, and researching faculty and program offerings provide insight into the college-student match. For many students in our Take Stock network, the opportunity to utilize their Florida Prepaid scholarship and leverage on-campus support services makes a Florida public college or university an ideal fit.  

Once students select colleges that match their aspirations, it’s important to share their passion for admission in a personal statement or essay. Students should write a compelling and authentic personal statement that conveys their unique experiences and perspectives. The personal essay should elaborate on the student’s intended major, the impact of a college degree, and how the student will give back to the university community as an alumnus.   

Lastly, it is extremely important to meet all college application deadlines. Students should keep track of application deadlines for each college, as they may vary. Organization is essential to the college application process. Because not every application will result in an acceptance, it’s important to apply to several colleges and universities.  

Just as each scholar is unique, so too is each college. Taking time to explore academic offerings, campus life, and student support services will make the college experience fulfilling and provide a platform for lifelong success. Celebrate National College Application Month by encouraging students to explore the multitude of options offered at Florida’s 40 colleges and universities.