Overcoming College Burnout

Author: Da’Ishah Collie, M.S.Ed.

College life is full of exciting opportunities and moments, but some days we may find ourselves
lacking the motivation or energy to get through the day. If you often find yourself looking at
your daily to-do lists and feeling mentally drained, you may be experiencing “college burnout.”
Knowing the signs of college burnout and how to overcome it may be crucial to your academic
success as a college student.

According to bestcolleges.com, college burnout is defined as an extended period of extreme
fatigue that often results in a decline in academic performance. Common symptoms include
having trouble keeping up with deadlines and everyday tasks, losing interest in extracurricular
activities, feeling lonely, and being easily irritable. Experiencing these feelings can cause you to
miss out on all that college has to offer, and we want to ensure that you all know some common
ways to combat college burnout.

  1. Practice Positive Self-Talk
    How you view yourself, and your thoughts can impact how well you perform in and out of
    the classroom. That is why it is important to practice positive self-talk on a regular basis.
    You can do this in the form of “daily affirmations.” According to theblissfulmind.com,
    daily affirmations might include things such as 1) I give myself space to grow and learn,
    2) I trust that I am on the right path, 3) My mind is full of brilliant ideas, and 4) I become
    closer to my goals every day. This form of self-talk is a great way to encourage and
    motivate yourself throughout the week. After consistent practice, you may find that your
    overall mindset has changed for the better.
    Bonus: A few great affirmations to help prepare for upcoming final exams might include,
    1) I know this subject and have thoroughly studied for my exams, 2) I am confident that I
    will pass all my exams, and 3) It is okay for me to take study breaks and get adequate rest
    during this finals season.
  2. Talk to Someone You Trust
    Talking about your feelings and connecting with others who understand can also combat
    college burnout. You are not alone, as many students may find themselves experiencing
    various forms of burnout during the semester. Try talking about your emotions to family
    members, your mentors, and professionals at the counseling center. See if your college or
    university offers students free individual or group counseling services. Conversations with
    others can help you identify ways to combat college burnout and develop a support system
    to keep you going.
  3. Take a Day Off
    It is more than okay to take a day to yourself. Sometimes college can become
    overwhelming, and it seems like there is no room to take a day to focus on other areas of
    your life. Try taking a day during the weekend to see your family, participate in a hobby
    you like, or simply rest at home for the day. These activities can help you reset for the
    upcoming week
  4. Finish Strong
    Take Stock in College scholar, we want you to push through to successfully complete the
    remainder of the semester. Every day, you are one step closer to reaching your goals,
    graduating, and landing your dream job. We are here to support you throughout your
    journey and can speak with you if you are experiencing burnout.

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