Take Stock Story: Motivation, My Mentor, and Me with Nicolas Légeret-Harris

Many Take Stock scholars cannot see a path toward college nor envision the resources to pay for a postsecondary degree. While each scholar’s circumstance is different and their Take Stock story unique, resiliency is a common denominator. 

Resiliency, combined with the support of teachers and a caring mentor, is what carried Nicolas Légeret-Harris through personal tragedy to ultimate triumph. At the age of twelve and still in middle school, Légeret-Harris’ mother passed away from lymphoma. “Losing my mother put so much on me. All my hopes and dreams were called into question,” said Légeret-Harris. Only four years later, the scholar experienced loss again; this time, the loss of a father. While multiple tragedies made Légeret-Harris question life’s circumstances, the scholar never compromised on the goal of postsecondary degree completion. 

While still reeling from the first heartbreaking loss, a friend of the family encouraged the 7th grader to apply to Take Stock in Children. Not only did the program offer Légeret-Harris a path toward a college degree, but it also surrounded the scholar with caring adults who uplifted the scholar academically, socially, and emotionally. Take Stock also paired Légeret-Harris with a caring mentor. The powerful relationship between a student and a caring mentor often encourages the scholar to see beyond their immediate challenges toward a future of their making. 

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