10 tried and true ways to get more involved on campus

Now that classes have started and you are getting into your scholastic stride, it’s time to start thinking about how you can get involved with your campus community. There are many opportunities for Take Stock students to get out there and expand themselves socially, academically, and professionally. Don’t know where to start? Let your College Completion Coaches be your guide!

  1. Know What You Love? Join a Club
    Most colleges and universities offer a large variety of student-run clubs you can join. You should walk through the market day or visit the student union for the list of clubs on your campus; you may be surprised at the variety! Some clubs celebrate a common interest such as a television show, hobby, or certain video games. For instance, your College Completion Coach Autumn Huffman was in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer club while at FSU. Others meet to partake in a group activity like bowling, kayaking, or dancing. 

    Are you passionate about gardening but don’t see a green thumb club on campus? Consider organizing a club yourself! You might be surprised how many of your fellow students are excited about the same things you are. There is a club for almost everything and everyone. Don’t forget, Take Stock in College holds club meetings at every one of Florida’s Public colleges and universities. Check out your college group page on www.TakeStockConnect.com for information on when your Student Ambassador will be hosting our next club session on your campus

  2. Learn to Lead in Student Government
    Want to give back to your college or university and make changes for the common good? Consider getting involved with student government! Student government fosters many great skills in its participants such as leadership, teamwork, diplomacy, and public speaking. Not only will you make connections with students from different backgrounds, but you will also have the opportunity to get to know key administrators at your school. Student service looks great on a resume and can help you network when it is time to hit the job market. Take it from former Sante Fe College Student Body President Jacobi Bedenfield, student government is a great way to get involved on your campus.

  3. Rush into a Second Family with Greek Life
    Many of Florida’s public universities host sororities and fraternities on campus. Given that Greek life organizations take in a new class of pledges every semester, rushes tend to form close bonds with their sorority sisters or fraternity brothers right away. If you rush, you will find your calendar fills up with social engagements, chapter commitments, and even philanthropic ventures as well. Be aware, Greek Life can be very expensive, and might not be the best fit for your wallet! If you do choose to join a fraternity and sorority, remember, hazing is against the law.

  4. Join the Team with Intramural Sports
    Intramural sports offer a great opportunity to play the games you love in a casual, fun atmosphere while making friends too! Practices for your intramural soccer team are far less frequent than for your high school team but will keep your skills sharp. While they do offer traditional sports like softball and flag football, most colleges and universities offer alternatives to traditional sports such as ultimate frisbee, rugby, and even quidditch. Get out there and get your heart pumping with your teammates, it’s fun!

  5. Earn Cash through Campus Work
    Want to get out there and meet new people, but you need money? We get it. College is expensive and you want to make every one of your scholarship dollars count. Consider looking into campus work opportunities. These positions tend to be more flexible when it comes to your student responsibilities, and often encourage you to do your assigned reading during down moments at work. Besides, your campus boss is a great reference when it is time to apply for jobs. If you are interested in working on campus, check out your college job board. Or, as always, don’t be afraid to reach out on www.TakeStockConnect.com. Your College Completion Coaches will be happy to point you in the right direction.

  6. Give Back by Volunteering
    If you happen to have availability in your schedule, don’t be afraid to give back your time and volunteer in your community. Most campuses offer service-based clubs or one-off volunteering events periodically throughout the year. You can meet other good-hearted people while you grow yourself and your community through service.

  7. Stay Studious in Study Groups
    Study groups are a great way to socialize while you keep your eye on your academics. Making friends with other focused students in your classes can help you keep on top of assignments, can allow you to compare notes, and can keep you company during an exam cram-session. You might be surprised how fun a caffeine-fueled night at the library can be when you and your study pals are slaphappy on algebra notes and Cheetos.

  8. Make a Stop at your Professor’s Office Hours
    As a former college instructor, College Completion Coach Autumn Huffman cannot stress the importance of introducing yourself to your college educators enough. Remember, there is one of them and a whole classroom of you; it may take a few weeks for your lecturer to remember your name. By introducing yourself at office hours early, you can show how serious you are as a student, and can establish some rapport for later in the semester when you have questions about an assignment or a test grade. You never know, the professor you form a relationship with in the first year might be the one who inspires you to fulfill your own career goals, or may even write you a recommendation letter for graduate school one day.

  9. Take Advantage of the Free Food Campus Sponsored Events
    Almost every major office on campus will throw some kind of event at your school this year. Pay close attention to your school email and bulletin boards for information about campus happenings. There are lots of benefits to going to a school event. Some are informative, others are fun, but–best of all–they almost always offer free food! Get out of the house, get some free chow, and access some of the great resources your campus has to offer. You never know, you might even walk away with a free t-shirt, pop socket, or other useful merch. You know what they say, “if it’s free, it’s me!”

  10. Meet other first-generation Take Stock Scholars like you at Take Stock in College campus events
    Did you know that your Take Stock in College team hosts campus events every semester? These events are a great opportunity to catch up with your College Completion Coach, chat with your Student Ambassador and other Take Stock scholars just like you. Our network is a useful space for first-generation students to leverage campus resources to conquer their college experience. You guessed it—we always have free food for you to munch on! Stay tuned on www.TakeStockConnect.com  to learn more about Take Stock in College events happening near you this semester. We hope to see you there!

    BONUS: Stay Connected from the comfort of your home with Take Stock Connect
    Do you want to make connections without even leaving your dorm? Hop onto Take Stock’s online community to meet other Take Stock scholars on your campus, at neighboring schools, or other colleges across the state. Click here to sign up!

This is a very exciting time in your life. However, it can also take some time to get used to. Just know that there are lots of other students just like you on your campus, it’s all a matter of finding them!

You still have your Take Stock family that has been with you since middle school. Whatever it takes, hang in there, your College Completion Coaches are here with you every step of the way.

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