4 ways to make money during COVID-19 shutdowns

With more and more schools closing their campuses to protect students from coronavirus, students are finding themselves at home for extended periods. For many of you, that means you can’t go to work! We know many of you count on those shifts to make ends meet, but there are options to help keep the paychecks coming from home.

  • Teach ESL online
    Teaching English as a Second Language is a great job for anyone who wants to work from home. Most of these companies pay quite a bit per hour to have Americans lead one-on-one English lessons with children. Most of these companies serve families in China or South Korea, so this is a great chance to meet new people and interact with different cultures! One major downside: since you will be connecting with folks from across the globe, the hours have to accommodate the time change. You will have the best luck if you teach in the wee hours of the morning. If that sounds workable, search these ESL instructor job listings.
  • Tutor online
    Another great way to replace your revenue stream while you are at home is to work as an online tutor. This is a great opportunity for any college student looking to earn some extra dollars; plus, tutoring looks awesome on a resume and the hours are very flexible. Check out this page for a rundown on several different online tutoring companies.
  • Deliver Food
    If you have reliable means of transportation, delivering food might be a good option for you. Grocery stores are increasing their staff during this hectic time. Companies like Publix, Ubereats, Shipt, Doordash, and Amazon are all hiring delivery men and women. Remember, this job will put you in contact with lots of people. Be sure to practice appropriate social distancing guidelines to stay healthy.
  • Babysitting
    Daytime babysitting is going to be a very hot commodity over the next few weeks. With more and more school districts transitioning to online learning and daycares closing due to coronavirus (COVID-19), parents need flexible childcare. If this sounds like a good fit for you, let your neighbors, friends, and family members know of your availability and your rate. You might be surprised how in-demand you are!
    Just please be certain to practice CDC recommended health and safety protocols when you arrange these babysitting sessions. Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer on you and the little ones in your care. Be sure to be upfront about whom you have been interacting with, and to ask they do the same with you. You never know who in your network is immunocompromised! At times like these, we all have to look out for each other!

One of the best things about all three of these positions is they are flexible! You can still prioritize your studies and your health while keeping the paychecks rolling in. If you aren’t sure of where to begin or if you have any questions, reach out to your College Completion Coach. We are here to support you every step of the way through these shutdowns.

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