5 Amazing Online Resources Takes Stock Offers Their Student Scholars

Your Take Stock family wants to support you in your journey to post-secondary degree attainment. It is with this in mind that Take Stock in College is proud to provide you with these additional online resources to help you connect, network and learn:

  1. Take Stock Connect
    Take Stock Connect is an online platform just for Take Stock college scholars. Becoming a part of the Take Stock Connect network enables you to communicate quickly with a Take Stock in College regional College Completion Coach and a student ambassador who attends your institution. We post helpful articles, reminders, and resources for you there. You can also find out about Take Stock in College events and club sessions occurring at your school, and can connect with the Take Stock college scholars on your campus and across the state of Florida. Activate your account today at www.takestockconnect.com.
  2. Social Media
    Follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter for the latest college tips, photos from our amazing Take Stock in College events and club sessions, and how you can get the most out of your college education. Our name is the same across all three platforms: @TSinCollege #TakeStockinCollege
  3. StudyEdge
    Take Stock in College has collaborated with StudyEdge to provide our Take Stock in College scholars exclusive, free access to their groundbreaking learning platform. Here, Take Stock students have access to hundreds of hours of study materials on countless topics ranging from Organic Chemistry to Statistics and more! Reach out to your College Completion Coach to learn how you can log on.
  4. MoneyMan Blog
    Take Stock in College has teamed up with Financial Aid expert Dan Barkowitz to create the MoneyMan Blog. Here, our resident “money man” gives you the low-down on all the best strategies, tips, and no-no’s surrounding your financial aid choices
  5. This blog!
    We are so grateful for all the support you have shown the Take Stock in College blog since its launch last August. Our aim is to provide our first-generation students with the confidence, know-how, and resources you need to achieve your dreams in school and beyond.

Remember, we provide these resources to meet your needs! If you have questions, leave us a comment or connect with your College Completion Coaches on Take Stock Connect. You never know, your questions could be the inspiration for our next post!

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