Haley Campbell

University of South Florida
Citrus County

Haley attended Crystal River High School and ranked 14th in her senior class of 310 students with a weighted GPA of 4.5. She attends the University of South Florida in Tampa with a major in Behavioral Health (with a concentration in Adult Community). She hopes to become a counselor and work one on one with individuals. She loves interacting with people and having meaningful conversations with them. She is uncertain of the concentration of counseling but has many options.  Her favorite part of attending college during a pandemic has been the great opportunity of speaking one on one with many individuals with different beliefs and from different walks of life on controversial topics. She sits outside one of the dining halls with two chairs and a poster that reads “Let’s Talk,” with a controversial topic inserted after “Talk” (be it abortion, morals, or Jesus). You could say it’s her favorite hobby!