Ryan Rowe

Wellesley College
Broward County

Ryan graduated with a 4.85 weighted GPA from Sheridan Technical High School and ranked 9th in her class of 120 students. She is attending Wellesley College to major in International Relations and minor in Computer Science. Ryan was very active in Student Government Association, as a Congressional Debate coach, and as an App-titude intern for the Museum of Discovery of Science. Ryan also interned with the Nyah Project to help educate youth through leadership and cultural immersion. 

In college, she facilitated Wellesley’s 2020 freshman orientation as an Orientation Coordinator and is a member of AGORA political society. Ryan also works as a computer science peer tutor, where she focuses on computing for the socio-techno web. Last but not least, Ryan serves the campus art community as a student visitor assistant at the Davis Art Museum.