Time to Unwind: Making Time to Destress

Maintaining College/Life Balance is harder than ever when you are cramming for exams from home. Not only do you have big finals coming up, but the physical boundary between your academic space and your personal space has collapsed! As we are all coming to learn, when you have to work from home, it is easy to feel like your work is following you everywhere you go.

That’s why is critical you start honing your college/life balance skills. We’ve already discussed how you can help create boundaries in your habits to help divide your school life from your home life, however, we haven’t yet talked about how you can create habits to help you unwind. After all, all work and no play makes Jack/Jill very dull and STRESSED.  You need a break, and not just any break. You need self-care! While there’s nothing wrong with winding down with some video games or binge-watching “Tiger King” on Netflix, these activities might not help as much when you are cooped up during this stressful exam period. We’re sharing some practical examples for you to schedule some self-care that de-stresses and centers you.

  1. Go for a walk
    One of the best ways to reset is to take a walk around the block. Get out of the house, get moving, and appreciate your local sights. While you should be sure to stay 6 feet from anyone you might pass on the road, a friendly wave to a neighbor while you are pounding the pavement can help you feel connected to the outside world again. Take your dog for a stroll, put your ear buds in and listen to your favorite tunes, or take pictures the birds you see on your walk. Whatever gets you out of your head for a moment or two!

  2. Dance party
    Sometimes you only have a few minutes to spare between assignments, but don’t let that keep you from taking a break! Put on your favorite dance jams and get grooving. Dancing is a great way to get your blood pumping, to de-stress, and to wake up any body parts that may have fallen asleep during your study session. Whether you rock out to your favorite tunes solo with your headphones or pump up the volume and get your siblings to do a dance challenge, dancing is one of the most fun ways to unwind.

  3. At-home workouts
    Calling all gym rats: are you missing your daily workout routine? Well don’t forget, you can still work out even while the gyms are shut down. Working out helps you reduce stress and improves productivity in the long run. Whether you are a yogi or a muscle-mutt, there are many ways to get your movement in free from home. Check out this list of free, on-line workouts you can access while sheltering in place.

  4. Meditation
    Meditation is a great way to calm your mind, focus your breathing, and reduce anxiety; the best part is you can meditate anywhere! New to meditating and you don’t know where to start? There are many free apps you can download to learn the ropes, to help you focus, and to turn you into a tried and true meditator.

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