Conquering College Exams: A Student’s Guide to Test Prep Success

College exams can feel like daunting hurdles on the path to your degree.  They often cover a more comprehensive range of material, delve deeper into complex concepts, and require a more sophisticated understanding. Fear not, fellow Take Stock Scholar! By adopting effective test prep strategies, you can transform exam anxiety into confident preparation and score …

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Exploring Career Technical Education

There are multiple ways to get to career success. For some students, that pathway is through Career Technical Education.  Career Technical Education (CTE) offers students organized hands-on educational activities and resources, building pathways connecting education and the workforce. We talked with Deborah Martin, Policy Analyst for the Florida College Access Network (FCAN), about the differences between …

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Take Stock in College team members with students and staff from Florida International University

Shape Your Future

Hey Scholars! As the semester progresses, I encourage everyone to find some time to sit, breathe, and brainstorm. You may ask, “What is so important that I have to sit down and write it out?”  The road map for your success story! There is a unique power in transcribing your visions, goals, and aspirations. When …

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