Take Stock in College team members with students and staff from Florida International University

Shape Your Future

Hey Scholars! As the semester progresses, I encourage everyone to find some time to sit, breathe, and brainstorm. You may ask, “What is so important that I have to sit down and write it out?”  The road map for your success story! There is a unique power in transcribing your visions, goals, and aspirations. When taking the time to write down these ideas and plans, start with broad accomplishments and milestones. After you are satisfied with your material, dive into how to build a successful life after graduation. Every student has the potential to succeed in academia, their career, and life. Take Stock in College has provided some tips on mapping your future goals and plans to success!  

  1. You Are On Your Own Timeline. It is essential to understand that in life, each individual travels at their own pace and has unique obstacles and pathways. What may work for someone else may not work for you. Take these years in school to learn what you like, dislike, and can improve in. Refrain from aligning your timing with a friend, role model, or peer. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.
  2. Be Consistent. Consistency can make or break your formula for success. This means you can have all the necessary tools and be prepared for success, but the lack of consistency will hinder this goal. Consistency is a daily fight. It is often best to start with small tasks or routines to build discipline as a young adult.
  3. Ask For Help. Closed mouths don’t get fed. Find comfort in using your resources and asking questions when you do not understand.  As a young adult, you will learn many life lessons – some easy, others painful. There will surely be some hiccups when transitioning from learning to walking to running the marathon of life. Enjoy the journey, and look for others to help you as you stride. Seek a mentor and be open to their teachings.
  4. Write. Proofread. Re-Write. No one expects you to have the perfect master plan immediately, but most successful people do expect you to have some form of plan. Writing things down brings life to our ideas and serves as a draft to edit into a masterpiece. Revisit your plans to identify what worked, what failed, and what needs to be improved.
  5. Give Yourself Grace. Overcoming social and economic barriers to transition as the first in your family to achieve new goals and heights is a significant accomplishment. Do not take for granted all the wins and lessons learned that resulted in your current state. You have the power to change the trajectory of your life. It is essential to be kind to yourself and those around you.   

Remember, scholars, you have the power to shape your future and become the person you want to be in life. Use the tips, and most importantly, write them down! In a society of information overload, slow down, breathe, and brainstorm your success!

Photo: Take Stock in College Associate Directors Difo Moore and Christian Del Valle with Tiffani Tallon, Program Director, College Access & Coaching at FIU’s Office of Student Access & Success (second to left) and FIU Take Stock in College scholars.