Andlean Present

Miami Palmetto Senior High School / Miami Dade County

Andleen attends Miami Palmetto Senior High School and ranks 58/577 with a GPA of 3.95 weighted.  She has worked part-time for most of her high school years at Chick-Fil-A, McDonald’s, and Walmart while dedicating hundreds of community service hours at her church.  Andleen is the Youth Service Coordinator at the Body of Christ International Church (BCIC).  She has been responsible for working with sound systems and completing setups for church services.  She helped to revitalize her church community after COVID had left them scattered, influencing many to return to fellowship at the church.

“The essence of leadership to me is to Inspire others to succeed, living in a way that inspires people to follow your footsteps and the good path of nobility.” 

She plans to double major in social entrepreneurship and accounting.  While working as an accountant, she can help fund her projects, helping her to complete her dream of building sustainable transitional housing for homeless citizens.  This haven would help with food and shelter and find employment, moving from poverty to a career honoring their skills and talents.