Esther Destiny Ukachukwu

Vanderbilt University
Seminole High School
Seminole County

Esther “Destiny” as she likes to be called, earned a 4.60 GPA, and ranks 37th of 1,030 seniors at Seminole High School.  She has a great love for the arts and participated with the school Marching Band and Ensemble as well as organizing Art Therapy projects to create awareness of mental illness and improve people’s lives.  With over 350 community service hours she also started a project called Happy Hygiene providing basic healthcare products for Ronald McDonald House in Orlando.  Her recent endeavor, Destiny & Co. was formed to create works of art, sell, and donate all proceeds to community organizations.  Destiny is active with the Science National Honor Society and is the Multicultural Club President. She is an intern at the Center for Pain and the Beautiful Minds Academy, volunteers with the American Red Cross and babysits as well. 

Destiny plans to pursue majors in neuroscience and business, attend medical school and eventually become a neonatologist.  She would love to open clinics across the Sub-Sahara Africa to specialize for women and babies to combat the increasing maternal and infant mortality rates.  Destiny has been accepted to Vanderbilt University.