TSIC Florida Prepaid Project STARS Scholarship FAQ

What are the most important things for me to know about my scholarships?

1. Your home Take Stock affiliate owns the Florida Prepaid scholarship you are using. As the beneficiary/user of the scholarship, you should check in regularly with your local Take Stock affiliate.

2. Your Take Stock in Children Scholarship was purchased through the Florida Prepaid College Board/Foundation. Florida Prepaid processes all invoices generated from your college/university.

What is the Florida Prepaid College Foundation Project STARS Student Survey?
The Florida Prepaid Project STARS survey must be completed each spring. The survey updates Florida Prepaid on your contact information and only takes a few minutes to complete. If you do not complete your survey before the start of each academic year, your classes will not be paid on time. You can complete the survey by clicking here.

Where can I find my Take Stock in Children Scholarship/Account number.
If you don’t know your scholarship/account number, you should contact your local Take Stock affiliate office (the office in the county you graduated high school from). This 10-digit number is issued and is used by Florida Prepaid to process invoices from your college/university.  Most students are also issued a Florida Prepaid ID card (letter) that would have your scholarship number on it.  It is always a good idea to snap a picture of it and file it away in case you need it.

How many hours are left on my Take Stock Scholarship?
You should check in with your home Take Stock affiliate office; this office receives quarterly updates from Florida Prepaid and can tell you how many hours remain and the current value of your scholarship. Otherwise, you can email connect@tsic.org and the Take Stock in College team can connect you with the appropriate contact at your local Take Stock affiliate office.

My Florida Prepaid scholarship isn’t showing up in my student portal, how do I link my scholarship account to my financial aid?
You can confirm directly with your school’s bursar/financial aid office that they have your Take Stock in Children /Florida Prepaid Scholarship. Some colleges will require the ID card from Florida Prepaid; if you do not have your ID Card contact your local Take Stock Affiliate office or email connect@tsic.org.

Please note that Florida Prepaid does not bill until after the Drop/Add date so you may not see the scholarship payment transaction immediately.

Does Florida Prepaid work on summer classes?
Yes, your Take Stock scholarship can be applied to summer classes. No special action is required.  However, it is important to keep an eye on how many hours you are using as you are likely to deplete your scholarship faster when taking summer courses. Always plan!

Can I use my scholarship at a trade school or technical school?
Your local Take Stock program will need to approve using your benefits at a technical or trade school. Once approved, the scholarship benefits may be applied to any approved eligible institution; you just need to fill out a Transfer Form with your local Take Stock affiliate office. In many cases, the scholarship will cover all expenses at the trade school. A list of these schools can be found using the Federal School Code Search through the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid Office.

If I transfer to a private school or to an out-of-state college, can I use my scholarship?
Your Take Stock in Children student participation contract states that your Florida Prepaid Scholarship must be used at a public Florida college or university. However, some Take Stock affiliates may provide special permission for the scholarship to be used at an out-of-state or private institution if the educational degree cannot be pursued at a Florida public institution. Contact your local affiliate office if you have questions or would like to attend a private or out-of-state institution.

What tax forms do I need?
A 1099-Q form will be provided in January of each year to students who have used their Florida Prepaid Plan during the previous calendar year. In most cases, the 1099 will not have a financial impact on your tax return. For specific tax information, please consult a certified public accountant or stop by your local tax preparation service office so they can help answer any questions.  The form should have been mailed to you directly from Florida Prepaid for any benefits used during the previous Calendar Year. If you did not receive it, reach out to Florida Prepaid (1-800-552-4723) to request a copy.

How can I maintain my scholarship while taking a break from school?
If you need to take a semester off you should alert your local Take Stock Affiliate Office and keep them updated on your plans to return to college. Remember, your contract only provides a certain amount of time to utilize your assigned scholarship. It is vital you stay in regular communication with your local program if you plan on taking any time off.

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